“From Injustice We Rise”

VOL. 00


Words from Mano Raju

Article | Feb 16 2021 | Article by San Francisco Public Defender Office

Words from Mano Raju

Welcome to Vol 00 of DEFENDER, the inaugural endeavor of The Adachi Project, a bold and timely initiative created in memory of late San Francisco Public Defender and justice crusader Jeff Adachi. It is borne from our relentless mission to reveal truth and demand justice. These urgent stories here are told through the voice of fathers, daughters, brothers, siblings. Mothers, sons and sisters. They are forged by and for the people & communities whose lives are forever changed by the system, and driven by our creed as public defenders:   

We will be compassionate, relentless and courageous in the fight for justice.

We will be willing to see all the beauty, power and potential of each person we represent.

We will advocate for structural changes that contribute to ending the mass incarceration system that has devastated our society for far too long.

We will fight against unjust and racist immigration laws, defend all people regardless of their birthplace or immigration status, and fight mass deportation as vigorously as we fight mass incarceration.

We will remain committed to racial justice. We will grow excellence among defenders.

We will honor the brilliance of the intergenerational resilience of our clients and their communities.

We will remember that our representation of individuals ripples out to the folks who love them, and therefore strive to stay engaged with their families and communities.

We will keep burning the flame of hopefulness because we know that hopelessness is the enemy of justice. 


Mano Raju and We, the People of the San Francisco Public Defender


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